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 Essential Interviewing Skills

The best hiring decisions result in productive employees who enjoy their responsibilities and contribute to the organization’s success.  Hiring the wrong person for the job can be very costly in terms of time, money resources, customer relations, productivity, and employee morale.  Interviewers make the best hiring decisions when they gather meaningful job-related information from applicants.  This course will teach participants how to interview for the behaviors, knowledge, and motivations that are needed to be successful in a job using the provided worksheets. (4 hours)


Participants will be asked to define Business Ethics.  This course is designed to ask participants to consider business actions and decisions in the light of ethical principles and values, and ask whether their activities and those of the employees around them are ethical and make the business better and more successful. Further, participants will examine issues and conflicts that typically arise in business that have ethical aspects to them, such as the way employers treat their employees, employees  treat their employers, and the ways businesses treat their competitors, their customers, their society, and even their environment. (4 hours)
Inclusion/Diversity – Leading Diverse Teams

Gain additional knowledge and tools for leading diverse teams and serving a diverse culture in order to enhance relationships, productivity, commitment, quality and profit. Participants will gain a better understanding of diversity along with the key competencies needed to lead a diverse team.  (4 hours)

Interviewing Skills – Going on an Interview

You have written the resume and set up the interview, how do you prepare? What do you say? What will they say?  What will they ask?  The answer to these questions and many more will be covered in this 4 - hour course.  The participant will complete the class with the confidence to take on any interview that comes their way!  (4 hours)


Mentoring is a responsibility; a commitment that requires valuable time and focused attention to assure the mentee’s goals are progressing forward.  If you have one steady mentor that is adding value to your career and life, you are fortunate.   Although finding a mentor is difficult and making it work is even more challenging.  This course gives the mentor an outline for what good mentoring is and how to achieve it. (4 hours)

Organizational Empowerment: Trust, Delegation and Motivation

An empowered organization fosters increased employee satisfaction, productivity, improved efficiencies, and better customer service. Learn how to move your team from a traditionally managed organization to an empowered one.  Complete two self-assessments that pinpoint behaviors you should continue and those you should change to encourage the development of an engaged and empowered organization. (4 hours)

Performance Review Conversations

Performance appraisals are often seen as a must do and the one time a year a manager coaches or gives recognition.  Managers often see the event as nothing more than an empty, bureaucratic exercise forced upon them by HR. A high percentage of employees feel appraisals are pointless as well. Is there a link?  The performance review can enhance the relationship with employees, improve performance for the organization, and enhance employee-manager communication significantly. Putting your best effort into performance appraisals will result in benefits exponential to the time spent during the process. (4 hours)

Resume Writing

First impressions count. This course will help participants create a great resume or improve their current one. A resume should be a powerful tool that generates interviews.  Participants will learn the important things to include in a resume, and learn what to keep off. Overcome gaps in work history and age discrimination. This course includes the use of online resumes and tips on getting a resume through the online websites. (4 hours)

Sexual Harassment

Preventing harassment is a pressing Compliance initiative for any organization.  It is also one of the most dreaded training courses by any participant. trainers concentrate on behavior intent and behavior interpretation  Participants will focus on how their behavior is interpreted and changes they can make to create a positive work environment free of harassment. (2 hours)
Speaking Without Offending

How do you express yourself in a way that does not make someone mad or hurt someone’s feelings?  Getting our point across has become more and more difficult as people become more sensitive to not only what is said but how it is said.  When information is left up to interpretations we lose control of it.  This class is about gaining control of the information so that it is received the way the sender intended it to be received.  (4 hours)

Workplace Harassment – Prevention

Preventing harassment in the workplace is one of the most pressing compliance training initiatives for all organizations. Sexual harassment training is mandated in most areas. Regular, high-quality workplace harassment training educates employees and raises awareness about harassment and helps build a workplace culture of respect and ethical behavior.  (2 or 4 hours)