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Lisa has had the fortune of working and teaching in various industries from Spanish for the Healthcare professional, English for Manufacturing, to Microsoft Office Suite which she has taught across many other industries.   Most recently with she has enjoyed teaching the suite of Leadership Development and Coaching classes.  

Lisa creates a comfortable and open learning environment by asking thought provoking questions that generate dialogue.  She is well versed in the subject matter of her classes and is able to “go where the participants need her to go” in order to make the material come to life.

Lisa Foster

Bi-lingual Trainer,  Program Manager, Customer Experience Manager





Lisa is passionate about empowering others through education and training!

She has spent the majority of her career in the telecom sector working in Training and Development, Business Development and Account Management.      She has had the wonderful opportunity to live and work in Mexico City for a Fortune 500 country managing and mentoring a team of Engineers.  In addition, she has worked in many other countries around the world which has helped her to have a global perspective on life and business.  Lisa has provided instruction and development for both technical and soft skill classes.  She is a Command Spanish and DDI Certified instructor.   In addition, she enjoys teaching Leadership courses as well as technology and software related courses.

Personal Information

Lisa is a Dallas native and has a Bachelors in Spanish with a Marketing Minor.  She was technically trained in GSM and GPRS technologies in France.  Her proficiency in Spanish was attained through not only living and working in Mexico but through her extensive travel to many places throughout Latin America. 

In her free time, Lisa is very active in volunteerism. She currently is the Executive Officer of the Commemorative Air Force Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP) squadron as well as the CAF B-29/B-24 Squadron.  Lisa truly enjoys her role as a living historian where she dresses as Rosie the Riveter, telling the story of the women’s contribution during World War II at airshows and special events.   As Rosie the Riveter and while with the WASP squadron, Lisa has given presentations to the Girl Scouts and other self-awareness and empowerment organizations for young girls.  As she is able, she travels to Guatemala for mission trips as well.  

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