Diversity/inclusion (ct03)


ethics (ct02)


sexual harassment (ct04)

Preventing harassment is a pressing Compliance initiative for any organization.  It is also one of the most dreaded training courses by any participant. trainers concentrate on behavior intent and behavior interpretation  Participants will focus on how their behavior is interpreted and changes they can make to create a positive work environment free of harassment. 

Inclusion/diversity - leading diverse teams (cy06))

Gain additional knowledge and tools for leading diverse teams and serving a diverse culture in order to enhance relationships, productivity, commitment, quality and profit. Participants will gain a better understanding of diversity along with the key competencies needed to lead a diverse team.  

workplace harassment - prevention (ct07)

Preventing harassment in the workplace is one of the most pressing compliance training initiatives for all organizations. Sexual harassment training is mandated in most areas. Regular, high-quality workplace harassment training educates employees and raises awareness about harassment and helps build a workplace culture of respect and ethical behavior.  

employment law (ct01)

The course will vary somewhat based on the length of time selected.  The more time the more opportunity for discussion and practice of the skills.

HR Compliance Hybrid - ethics/diversity/harassment (ct05)



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