Customer Service Courses

Is the customer always right?  Well, are they...or do they have a right to feel the way they do?  These courses help your teams learn to have conversations with their customers rather than work from a script!

Compliance Courses

All the "stuff" that you have to get done for HR... our courses are much more that check the box courses...they are thought provoking and change behaviors.

Available Courses

  • 4-8 minute training videos/Modules
  • Ability to add knowledge assessments at completion
  • Available in english and spanish
  • 1-hour Motivators/Webinars
  • 2-4 Hour Training Sessions
  • ‚ÄčAvailable in english and spanish

New material is constantly being developed and new trainers are being added to the roster to help support the needs of our clients. does not charge for most custom developed courses.

All of's material is available to be trained in English and Spanish and our multi-lingual trainers can travel throughout the world.

On-Line Training Platforms

Leadership/Management Courses

Whether your leader is up and coming or has been in a leadership role they all need training.  Training helps to change old habits and build new habits.  These classes are highly interactive.

  • Zoom
  • Microsoft Teams
  • WebEX
  • Your company's Platform
  • ‚Äčavailable in English and spanish

Book/Video REview Courses

Our book/video review courses are training based on best selling and popular books, videos and movies.

On-Line Training

Assessment Based Courses

These courses are designed to work in conjunction with assessments.  The participants are asked to complete and assessment before the course for on-line and micro-learning classes and at the beginning of the course for face-to-face classes.

On-Line Micro-Training

Professional Development Courses

Do you want to help your teams develop?  Professional Development courses are designed to help your team members grow as a individuals and as leaders.