serve (cs05)


Customer SErvice Course Descriptions

strengthening customer connections  (cs20)

This module provides learners the ability to use the key concepts in a manner that helps elevate the importance of each customer’s unique value.  Learners work through the use of the four key customer expectations to provide effective, individualized attention.

serving a world of customers (cs19)

To help employees learn and apply skills for providing helpful, sensitive, and respectful service that is tailored to customers’ unique needs. 

dazzling your customers (AG) (cs11)

To enhance the ability of employees to make customers feel special and valued, thereby creating experiences so surprisingly positive and memorable that customers will tell others about them and will want to sustain and build their relationships with the organization.

serve (cs05)


customer service - coaching (cs09)

This course gives the team leaders the opportunity to learn how to coach the Customer Service skills their teams have been trained on.  The leader continues to speak the same “language” and carry forth the skills learned in the Customer Service courses.  This course helps leaders reinforce the value of the training and the time and energy their direct reports took in going to the training.


Dealing with difficult people (cs12)

You can increase your skill in dealing with the difficult people who surround you in your work world.  Learn to manage the; know-it-alls, dictators, controllers, bullies or others.  This course will give the participants skills to deal with difficult people in the workplace.  When “difficult” people are no longer “difficult”, the workplace environment changes to one that is cooperative and collaborative, creating a more productive and efficient workplace for everyone. 

customer service - the fundamentals (cs06)

Fine tune customer service skills making each contact with a customer a positive and productive experience. This practical and logic skill building 4-hour program is tailored to provide you the with a blueprint for creating short term and long term customer/team relationships that compel the customer to not only walk away feeling good about the transaction but refer others. 

The course will vary somewhat based on the length of time selected.  The more time the more opportunity for discussion and practice of the skills.

Customer service (cs01)

This highly interactive and extremely popular series helps participants understand and apply customer service skills to a customer service conversation completed through effective communication. Participants will learn the steps and role play necessary pieces to accomplish what the business can do for the customer and understand the needs of the customer whomever their customer may be.  A high percentage of the time is focused on understanding the need, not assuming the need “because the representative has heard it a hundred times before”.

customer service for 911 (cs03)


customer service during Covid-19 (cs10)

Fine tune customer service skills making each contact with a customer a positive and productive experience. What we say and how we say it has changed with the introduction of the stress of COVID-19.  This class covers: Customer Service and Emotions, Empathy, Asking vs. Telling.  

customer service - the conversation (cs05)

No script! throws the script away and trains participants the skills to have effective conversations that get to the need of the customer and create a resolution that works for both the customer and the business.  Everyone walks away feeling good about the customer service interaction! 

MAstering conversation essentials (AG) (cs17)

This module provides a process and related skills for handling all types of customer conversations, both in routine and uncomfortable situations.  A service conversation is broken down into four parts to discover ways to enhance the customer’s overall experience.  Learners apply guidelines to clarify and meet the customer’s personal needs and, when necessary, deliver unwelcome news without damaging the customer relationship.  

guiding customer conversations (cs15)

Provide employees with skills for conducting conversations that effectively attend to external and internal customers’ human and business needs. 

Caring for customers (AG) (CS02)

Help employees develop skills for delivering friendly, attentive service that demonstrates interest in and cares for customers on a human level.

navigating challenging situations (AG) (cs18)

This module provides learners with a series of tools for diffusing and resolving escalated situations.  It teaches learners skills to effectively deescalate interactions and refocus the customer to collaborate in the creation of a positive outcome.   

exploring digital communications (AG) (cs14)

This module explores the growing importance of digital communication channels and the impact of social media. Increasingly, employees are working in environments with multichannel communication platforms.  This module teaches learners skills to increase their effectiveness within these complex multichannel environments . It includes a discussion of the role of social media and its appropriate professional use in the customer experience journey. 

Healing customer relationships (AG) (cs16)

Develop skills that will help employees serve customers who are concerned, angry, or upset after a service breakdown. 

building customer Loyalty (AG) (cs07)

This module presents key concepts to help learners define and align their role in creating positive customer experiences.  Learners explore measures of success such as NPS and CSAT, along with other key metrics, and discover how to connect with customers using emotional energy to their highest benefit with a technique called “Emotional Connection.”  

Customer service for Leaders (cs12)

Does Customer Service differ between front line employees and their leaders?  Leaders often deal with escalated situations.  This course is designed to not only help leaders work through the escalated situations it also helps them better understand the impact great customer service has on both internal and external customers.  This course is activity driven and is designed to give leaders skills that they can use upon immediately completing the class.  

reaching for stellar service (csxx)


teaming up for seamless service (ag) (cs21)

Explore what it takes to deliver seamless service, and to develop skills for addressing service issues with fellow employees.