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Work/Life Balance

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Managing Stress and Frustration

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Are You Type A?


In today's fast-paced changing workplace, office professionals must recognize the early warnings of job related stress. Participants will identify their personality type and understand how it affects the way they deal with stress. Develop long-term and short-term coping skills to effectively manage pressure, conflicts and feedback. Techniques to achieve more balance and energy in their life will increase their job performance.

This is a Free Training

The Stress Management Training is free for anyone to view.  This is a sample of the training we have on-line and the customized training we can build for you.

It is a complete 7 module course, yet, each of the modules stands alone.  Watch them all, or just the ones that "hit home".

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Control What You can Control

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Types of Stress

Managing Stress

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Signs and Symptoms of Stress